Thursday, July 2, 2009

Introducing: Hot Chelle Rae

Up-and-Coming Quartet From Nashville
First Single "I Like To Dance"

"Hot Chelle Rae's intrinsic swagger and dominance belie their youth, but that's the only misleading bit about this Nashville four-piece. They are honest to goodness rock and roll at its finest--ripe and arrogant, sweating with tangible promise that hangs in the air at their live shows. Posh arrangements featuring refreshingly tasteful guitar, sly lyrics and a 21-year-old lead singer dripping with charisma leave you knowing that these guys will end up somewhere--everywhere." -

Check out the music for yourself and listen to "I Like To Dance" here! Hot Chelle Rae's debut album is due out later this year via Jive Records. Visit for more info.


  1. Never heard anything like this before - Weird stuff! Has anyone heard about them before?

  2. They seem like a Metro Station rip-off. Maybe they will suit ay emo-teens looking for a cheery song with vacant lyrics. we'll see...