Saturday, September 22, 2007

Video Scope: The Moffatts - I'll Be There For You

"I'll Be There For You" is a official music video by Canadian group band The Moffatts. It was popular on South Asia around 1998. Taken from their studio album "Chapter 1: A New Beginning".

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Digital Album: Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

Breakaway is the second album by Kelly Clarkson, released on 30 November 2004.

It debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 album chart with sales of 250,000 units. After spending 61 consecutive weeks in the top twenty of the Billboard 200, Breakaway descended to number twenty-four. It is only the fourth album in history to stay in the top twenty consecutively for a year. It remained in the top thirty for seventy-four consecutive weeks. It spent 103 weeks on the Billboard 200 (as of 23 November 2006), re-entering the chart (issue date: 3 February 2007) for its 104th week; this was its last eligible week on the chart. It was certified six times platinum (5.83 million sold) in the U.S., and it has sold over 11 million copies worldwide. According to Blender magazine, Breakaway generated more than $100 million in revenue for RCA. The first four singles from the album reached the top ten on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, with the fifth single peaking at number twelve. Currently, the five singles released have sold over 4.75 million downloads combined in the U.S.

At the 2006 Grammy Awards, Breakaway won in the "Best Pop Vocal Album" category and the single "Since U Been Gone" received the "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" award.

Breakaway was the second best-selling album of 2005 in Australia, with sales of over 450,000 copies in that year, and it was certified six times Platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association. The album ended 2005 as the eighth best selling album in the United Kingdom, with sales of over 950,000 copies; a further 501,000 copies were sold in 2006.


01. Breakway
02. Since U Been Gone
03. Behind These Hazel Eyes
04. Because Of You
05. Gone
06. Addicted
07. Where Is Your Heart
08. Walk Away
09. You Found Me
10. I Hate Myself For Losing You
11. Hear Me
12. Beautiful Disaster

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Song: Hayden Panettiere - Your New Girlfriend

"Your New Girlfriend" is a new song from American recording artist Hayden Panettiere. It may be released as track for her upcoming debut album.

Hayden Panettiere - Your New Girlfriend

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Video Scope: Jennifer Love Hewitt - Can I Go Now

"Can I Go Now' is the last music video from Jennifer Love Hewitt until now. This song is mix between pop, rock and reggae. Taken from her studio album "BareNaked" on 2002. Enjoy the video!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Video Scope: Steps - It's The Way You Make Me Feel

The music video for "It's The Way You Make Me Feel" featured the Steps members and supporting actors / dancers reenacting scenes from the movie Dangerous Liaisons. Band members H and Lee took turns playing Valmont, while Claire, Faye and Lisa took interchanging turns as the characters of Merteuil, Tourvel and C├ęcile.

It was released as official single on 1 January 2001 from the studio album "Buzz".

Digital Album: Blink 182 - Greatest Hits

"Greatest Hits" is a greatest hits compilation album by the American pop punk band Blink 182. The compilation was released on 31 October 2005 by Geffen Records.

The compilation was based on the breakup of the band earlier in the year. It is essentially a collection of the band's most successful singles, with two new songs.


01. Carousel
02. M+M's
03. Dammit
04. Josie
05. What's My Name Again
06. All The Small Things
07. Adam's Song
08. Man Overboard
09. The Rock Show
10. First Date
11. Stay Together For The Kids
12. Feeling This
13. I Miss You
14. Down
15. Always
16. Not Now
17. Another Girl Another Planet

Digital Song: Emma Bunton - (Hey You) Free Up Your Mind

"(Hey You) Free Up Your Mind" is a song by British recording artist Emma Bunton. It was available for the soundtrack "Pokemon The First Movie" and released on 27 March 2000.

Emma Bunton - (Hey You) Free Up Your Mind

Digital Song: Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight

"Dance Tonight" is a song by Paul McCartney and the opening track to his 2007 album "Memory Almost Full". The song was released as a digital download single from that album in the United Kingdom on 18 June 2007, Jesse McCartney's 65th birthday. A week later, the song debuted at number 34 in the UK Singles Chart. On 1 July 2007, the song rose to number 26 in the UK charts.

In the United States, it was released as the second single, and "Dance Tonight" reached number 33 on the iTunes Store charts, continuing to rise in popularity. The song also debuted in Billboard's Hot 100 at number 69.

Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight

Digital Song: Lil Mama - Lip Gloss

"Lip Gloss" is an urban song by American rapper Lil Mama and also released as her debut official single on March 2007.

Lil Mama - Lip Gloss

Digital Song: Madonna - Candy Shop

"Candy Shop" is a dance-pop song recorded by American singer Madonna for her forthcoming album. It was co-written and co-produced by Pharrell Williams, according to Timbaland who is another producer on the album, although some websites credited it erroneously to Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. A low-quality seventeen-second snippet of the track was leaked to the Internet on 26 July 2007. Madonna's representative said she had no comment on "Candy Shop", and that the track listing of the album wouldn't be finalized until the songs were recorded and mixed. The full, un-edited version of Candy Shop was leaked in mid-September on several file-sharing online networks. The song includes a short rap at the end, presumably sung by Pharrell.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Digital Album: Fun Factory - Fun-Tastic

"Fun-Tastic" is the second studio album by German eurodance group Fun Factory. It was released on 6 November 1995 by Curb Records.


01. Dreaming
02. Celebration
03. Doh Wah Diddy
04. Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It)
05. I Love You
06. Don't Fight
07. I Wanna B With U
08. Together Forever
09. Don't Go Away
10. All For You (Close 2 U)
11. Be Good To Me
12. Back In The Days

Digital Album: Melissa O'Neil - Melissa O'Neil

"Melissa O'Neil" is the self titled debut album from Melissa O'Neil. It was released at Canada on 22 November 2005 through Sony BMG Music Canada.

Melissa O'Neil is the winner from the third season of Canadian Idol.


01. Let It Go
02. String Me Along
03. Alive
04. Kiss Goodnight
05. Just Like January
06. Forget About It
07. Driving Blind
08. Speechless
09. Outside Looking In
10. Original Girl
11. I Won't Take You Back
12. Safe Place To Hide

Digital Album: Kelly Clarkson - My December

"My December" is the third studio album by American pop / rock singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson. The album was released on 22 June 2007 in many European Union member states, such as Germany, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands, on 23 June 2007 in Australia, on 25 June 2007 in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Poland, and on 26 June 2007 in North America. Clarkson confirmed the name of the album in her journal on her fanclub website on 27 February 2007. She has stated in interviews that she has written or co-written on every track on the album. Since its release "My December" has been certified Gold in Australia and the United States while certified Platinum in the UK. The album has already sold 536,000 copies in the United States and 840,000 copies worldwide.


01. Never Again
02. One Minute
03. Hole
04. Sober
05. Don't Waste Your Time
06. Judas
07. Haunted
08. Be Still
09. Maybe
10. How I Feel
11. Yeah
12. Can I Have A Kiss
13. Irvine / Chivas

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Digital Song: Bucky Covington - A Different World

"A Different World" is the first single by American country musician, Bucky Covington, from his debut album "Bucky". He performed it at Great American Country in December 2006, and the song was released for country radio on 16 January 2007. The song is produced by Mark Miller, and will be released by Lyric Street Records, a country label of Disney's Buena Vista Music Group.

The song is a reminiscence of Covington's formative years; its lyrics illustrate examples of how much the world has changed since he was a kid. Covington states during the chorus that it was "not just a different time / It was a different world". Though Covington was born in 1977, his song trades in a pleasant, yet completely manufactured faux-nostalgia as evidenced by his musical comments on the lack of bottled water, or seatbelts in cars, or video games or remote controls, although all these things were commonplace by the time of Covington's early childhood.

Bucky Covington - A Different World

Digital Song: North - Glory Of Love

"Glory Of Love" is a pop song by Australian boyband North. Taken from their debut studio album "North".

North - Glory Of Love

Digital Song: tobyMac - Lose My Soul (Featuring Kirk Franklin, Mandisa & Time Warp)

"Lose My Soul" is a song by tobyMac with Mandisa taken from the album "Portable Sounds" released on 2007.

tobyMac - Lose My Soul (Featuring Kirk Franklin, Mandisa & Time Warp)

Digital Album: Phixx - Electrophonic Revolution

"Electrophonic Revolution" was the only album released by Phixx. It was released on 1 November 2004.


01. Hold On Me
02. Love Revolution
03. Wild Boys
04. Strange Love
05. Original Sin
06. Superstar
07. Judegement Day
08. Red Light
09. Relentless
10. Voyeur
11. Temptation
12. Let's Go All The Way
13. City Of The Night
14. When I Fall
15. Don't Walk Out

Friday, August 3, 2007

Digital Song: Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels Like Home

"Feels Like Home" is the song from Chantal Kreviazuk. It was appears on "Dawson's Creek soundtrack" also on her 1999 "Colour Moving And Still" album as one of bonus tracks.

Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels Like Home

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Digital Song: Jeff Timmons - Be The One

"Be The One" is a pop song that featured from the debut studio album "Whisper That Way" released by 98 Degrees founding member Jeff Timmons in 2004. Every song on the album was written and arranged by Jeff Timmons. The album was released by SLG Records and is distributed by Warner Music Group in the United States.

Jeff Timmons - Be The One

Digital Album: tobyMac - Portable Sounds

"Portable Sounds" is the third full-length studio album, from Christian artist tobyMac. It was released on 20 February 2007. The album contains the singles "Made To Love" and "I'm For You". You can order the album via iTunes. The iTunes preorder includes a download of "Made To Love." When the album was released on iTunes, users were able to download a behind-the-scenes making of the album video, a digital booklet, and an acoustic version of "Made To Love."

The song "Hype Man" features tobyMac's son, truDog.

While tobyMac is often thought of as a rapper, songs like "I'm For You", "Suddenly", and others are not hip-hop, but pop/rock.


01. One World (Featuring Siti Monroe)
02. Made To Love
03. Boomin' / Opera Trip Interlude
04. I'm For You
05. Face Of The Earth
06. No Ordinary Love (Featuring Nirva)
07. Ignition
08. Hype Man (Featuring TruDog)
09. Suddenly
10. All In (Letting Go) / Mr. Talkbox Interlude
11. Feelin' So Fly
12. No Signal
13. Lose My Soul (Featuring Kirk Franklin, Mandisa & Time Warp)

Fresh Video: Will.I.Am - I Got It From My Mama

"I Got It From My Mama" is a new music video by American rapper Will.I.Am for his latest single with the same name. It was officialy premiered on 2 August 2007.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Digital Album: Vanilla Ninja - Vanilla Ninja

"Vanilla Ninja" is the self-titled debut album by the Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja. The album was released in May 2003 and didn't chart in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, the three countries where the group have had most success in their short career. The album has done well, however, in the group's native Estonia. Despite not making the Top 100 in Germany the album spawned the chart hit, "Club Kung Fu", which reached #95 in March 2004.

The album featured a blend of songs in English and Estonian, as well as a drum n bass remix of "Club Kung Fu". It is the group's only album which features songs in Estonian.


01. Guitar And Old Blue Jeans
02. Why?
03. Club Kung Fu
04. Nagu Rockstaar
05. Purunematu
06. Inner Radio
07. Outcast
08. Toxic
09. Spit It Out
10. Psycho
11. Klubikuningad
12. Vanad Teksad Ja Kitarr
13. Sugar And Honey
14. Club Kung Fu [Drum N Bass Remix]

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Song: Carrie Underwood - So Small

"So Small" is a song from Carrie Underwood, released as the first single from her upcoming second studio album. It will officially released on 31 July 2007. This will be the first single of Carrie Underwood's where she shares a writing credit.

Carrie Underwood - So Small