Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Digital Song: Adam Lambert - No Boundaries

Like I said in the previous post, Adam Lambert, the runner up of American Idol season 8, released new single after his American Idol contest, the same song with the winner, Kris Allen. The title of single is "No Boundaries".

Adam Lambert version is more pop with his unique style the way to singing, especially his high notes voices. My opinion is more like rocker wannabe, but good. Myself prefer Kris Allen version but Adam Lambert is okay too. So hard to compare, coz both of them are good. Just can't believe Adam didn't win the contest, since everyone eyes always focus to him from the start.

I wonder what kind of album that he will release after this American Idol, maybe like David Cook album the winner of last year of American Idol. Hmm... just wait for it.

Adam Lambert - No Boundaries

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  1. Your the best Adam! even though your sexually inclined your voice still rocks though!