Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Digital Album: Kelly Clarkson - My December

"My December" is the third studio album by American pop / rock singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson. The album was released on 22 June 2007 in many European Union member states, such as Germany, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands, on 23 June 2007 in Australia, on 25 June 2007 in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Poland, and on 26 June 2007 in North America. Clarkson confirmed the name of the album in her journal on her fanclub website on 27 February 2007. She has stated in interviews that she has written or co-written on every track on the album. Since its release "My December" has been certified Gold in Australia and the United States while certified Platinum in the UK. The album has already sold 536,000 copies in the United States and 840,000 copies worldwide.


01. Never Again
02. One Minute
03. Hole
04. Sober
05. Don't Waste Your Time
06. Judas
07. Haunted
08. Be Still
09. Maybe
10. How I Feel
11. Yeah
12. Can I Have A Kiss
13. Irvine / Chivas

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